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Carbon fiber heaters really work in cold weather

Carbon fiber heaters really work in cold weather

Carbon fiber tubes are mainly made of carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP), a kind of fibrous carbon material. It is a new type of material with greater strength than steel, less density than aluminum, corrosion resistance than stainless steel, high temperature resistance than heat-resistant steel, and conductivity like copper, with many valuable electrical, thermal and mechanical properties. Planes made of carbon-fibre and plastic composites are lightweight, consume less power, push more and make less noise. Using carbon fiber to make the disk of electronic computer can increase the storage capacity and calculation speed of computer. Using CFRP to make space vehicles such as satellites and rockets has high mechanical strength and low mass, saving a lot of fuel. During the 1999 Yugoslav war in Kosovo, NATO used graphite bombs to disrupt much of the yugoslav power supply by creating a cloud of carbon fibre that covered a large area and short-circuited the system. Carbon fibers cannot be made from carbon components because they do not melt at high temperatures (sublimate above 3800K) and do not dissolve in various solvents. Carbon fiber tube can be prepared by solid phase carbonization of polymer organic fiber or gas phase pyrolysis of low molecular hydrocarbon. The vast majority of carbon fibers produced and sold worldwide are made from solid phase carbonization of polyacrylonitrile fibers. It is produced in the step of A pre-oxidation: heated in air and maintained at 200-300 degrees for tens to hundreds of minutes. The purpose of pre-oxidation is to convert polyacrylonitrile linear molecular chain into a heat-resistant ladder structure, so that it does not melt during high temperature carbonization and maintain the fiber state. B carbonization: heated to 1200-1600 degrees in an inert atmosphere, maintained for several minutes to tens of minutes, carbon fiber products can be generated; The inert gas can be high-purity nitrogen, argon, or helium, but high-purity nitrogen is commonly used. The carbon content of more than 99% of the so-called graphite fiber. Carbon fiber has high axial strength and modulus, no creep, good fatigue resistance, specific heat and electrical conductivity between non-metal and metal, small coefficient of thermal expansion, good corrosion resistance, low fiber density, good X-ray transmission.
Time : 2013-12-24
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