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Thanks to the Federation of Trade Unions’ Visit to Jiangsu CTC Trade Union


On Aug. 12th, 2014, Wujin Federation of Trade Union came to our company, visiting members of Jiangsu CTC Trade Union who were working at high temperature. Their visit brought a cool for all employees fighting in each position. And also all union members were touched and inspired. In July and August of each year, Changzhou has a long spell of hot days. Our company takes many cooling measures, endeavoring to create a comfortable working environment. Despite of that, workers at the production line can still feel stuffy during work. Therefore, the Federation of Trade Union brought some ice tea, mineral water and so on for workers. The workers had the cold drinks and felt excited when hearing it was the union that brought the drinks. Thanks to the Federation of Trade Union’s care for primary trade union. Hot weather will continue, however, we won’t consider it as a difficulty. Instead, we all feel grateful and passionate about work.

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