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Characteristics and main components of glass fiber


Features introduced
Raw material and its application: glass fiber than the organic fiber high temperature, non combustible, anti rot, heat insulation, sound insulation, high tensile strength, good electrical insulation. But it is brittle, and the wear resistance is poor. Used for manufacturing reinforced plastic (see pictures) or reinforced rubber and as reinforcing material of glass fiber has the following characteristics. These characteristics make the use of glass fiber more broadly than other kinds of fiber, development speed also ahead of the characteristics listed as follows:
(1) the tensile strength is high, and the elongation is small (3%). Glass fiber yarn
(2) the elastic coefficient is high, the rigidity is good.
(3) the elastic limit is large and the tensile strength is high, so the absorption of impact energy is large.
(4) for inorganic fiber, with non - burning, good chemical resistance.
(5) water absorption is small.
(6) the scale stability, heat resistance is better.
(7) the processing of good, can be used as a strand, beam, felt, cloth, and other different forms of products.
(8) transparent and transparent to the light.
(9) the development of a surface treatment agent with good adhesion to the resin.
(10) the price is cheap.
(11) is not easy to burn, high temperature can be fused into a small glass beads.
Principal component
The main ingredient is silica, alumina, calcium oxide, boron oxide, magnesium oxide, sodium oxide, according to the content of alkali in glass, divided into non alkali glass fiber (Na2O 0% ~ 2%, which belongs to the aluminum borosilicate glass), alkali glass fiber (Na2O 8% ~ 12%, is a boron containing or not containing boron sodium calcium silicate glass) and high alkali glass fiber (more than 13 percent of sodium oxide, sodium calcium silicate glass).

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