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Changzhou Tian Chang Pipe System Co., Ltd. to participate in the 2015 (Nineteenth) South Korea Maritime Exhibition KORMARINE


KORMARINE is one of the most important shipbuilding and maritime areas professional exhibition, to 2015 (19th) Korea international shipbuilding and marine equipment exhibition KORMARINE2015 on October 20, 2015 in Busan's bexco International Exhibition Center grand opening. Changzhou days often Piping System Co., Ltd. within the shipbuilding industry as an important partner of many well-known shipbuilding enterprises participated in the the maritime Festival and received wide attention.
The grand scale of this exhibition, attracted 45 countries around the world more than 1 thousand maritime, shipbuilding, marine engineering, Oil Natural Gas Corp to come to the exhibition. Among them is to include the world's top marine product equipment manufacturers and offshore oil and gas equipment manufacturers. In addition, South Korea's three major shipbuilding companies have participated in the exhibition.
During the exhibition, CTC booth ushered in the parties to the new old friend, general manager Mr. Zhou Liangjun to introduce the company's latest development and future development direction. In addition, many foreign ship owners and the major South Korean shipbuilding plant such as Samsung, Hyundai, Daewoo, Hanjin, such as have come to often booth to pay a visit to the sample, on the day often marine GRE pipes (commonly known as: glass steel pipeline) shows strong interest and the in-depth technical exchanges, especially for days often glass steel pipe in the production of various aspects of the process design and quality control agreed, and hope that the future can often have contact and cooperation in more projects and days.
"You don't have to choose, but can't have no choice", often pipeline company to high-quality product localization and internationalization of the management concepts for the market to provide more choice, and actively promote the new environmentally friendly GRE pipe application in ship and offshore platform.

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