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CTC has been an executive director of China Composites Industry Association


On July 28th, 2014, China Composites Industry Association approved officially that CTC has been one of the executive directors, exercising authorities, carrying out Association work and making contributions to sound development of the composites industry. China Composites Industry Association, based on the principles of voluntariness, equality and mutual benefit, is a trans-regional and cross-sectoral national industry group made up of enterprises and public institutions involved in fiber reinforced plastics/composites manufacturing, marketing, designing, scientific research, education, raw and auxiliary materials and equipment manufacturing. The Association is subject to the professional guidance, supervision and management of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission and Ministry of Civil Affairs as well as the administration of the China Building Materials Federation delegated by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission. China Composites Industry Association has about 900 member enterprises and institutions contributing 85% of the national output. The business includes putting forward advises to governmental director branches about establishing industry development plan, technology, economic policy and legislation, etc. and providing basis for the government to formulate policies, rules and regulations; conveying and implementing relevant national guidelines, policies, laws and regulations, coordinating economic activities within the industry, standardizing enterprise behaviors and maintaining a fair and competitive market; organizing enterprises and institutions to consult with other members on establish industry regulations and preserving industry benefits and members’ legal interest; carrying out industry economic index statistics and research work, quality supervision and work evaluation; strengthening the contact with international counterparts and developing communication in economy and technology and so on; organizing industry professional exhibition, organizing members to participate in professional exhibitions at home and abroad and promoting external economic activities; being committed to promoting expansion and development of the whole composites industry and application fields and so on. Executive members of China Composites Industry Association are selected by the board of directors. A meeting is held at every six months. CTC, as an executive member of the Association, will definitely cooperate with the Association about the daily operations, coordinate the mutual contacts of enterprises and institutions and play a role in industry technology, communication, exhibitions of new products and market promotion.

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