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The cold season is made of carbon fiber material heater really works


Carbon fiber tube is mainly made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic composite material to the application of carbon fiber is a kind of carbon fiber material. It is a strength than steel, density ratio of aluminum, stainless steel is also resistant to corrosion, than the heat-resistant steel high temperature resistance, such as copper as conductive, with many valuable electrical, thermal and mechanical properties of new materials. Made of carbon fiber and plastic composite aircraft not only compact and consume less power, big thrust, low noise; carbon fiber of electronic computer disk, improve the computer storage capacity and computing speed; with carbon fiber reinforced plastics to manufacture satellites and rockets and spacecraft, high mechanical strength, small quality, save a lot of fuel. In Yugoslavia Kosovo war in 1999, NATO's use of graphite bombs destroyed the Southern League most of the power supply, the principle is produced covering large areas of carbon fiber cloud, the conductive fibers to the short circuit of the power supply system. Due to the element carbon at high temperature can not be melted (above 3800K sublimation, and are not dissolved in various solvents, so so far not with elemental carbon of carbon fiber.
The carbon fiber tube can be prepared by the gas phase pyrolysis of high molecular organic fiber or low molecular hydrocarbon. At present, most of the carbon fiber produced in the world is made of carbon fiber, which is made by solid state of PAN fiber. The resulting step is A pre oxidation: in the air heating, to maintain the 200-300 degrees in the tens to hundreds of minutes. The purpose of pre oxidation is to transform the linear molecular chain of pan into a heat resistant ladder type structure, so that it is kept in a state of fiber when carbonization at high temperature. Carbide B: in an inert atmosphere heating to 1200-1600 degree, maintained for several minutes to tens of minutes, you can produce carbon fiber; the inert gas can is high pure nitrogen, argon or helium, but more commonly used high purity nitrogen. Carbon content is higher than 99% of the said graphite fiber. Carbon fiber axial strength and high modulus, creep, fatigue durability is good, specific heat and electrical conductivity between the non metal and metal between the thermal expansion coefficient is small, good corrosion resistance, low fiber density, X-ray transmission.

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